At Mofo Pubs we publish literary smut—if it isn’t well-written and sexually explicit, we’re not interested.

We are purveyors of pornographic print, a.k.a. erotica. But we are turning erotica on its head—pushing buttons, blurring boundaries, and transcending genres. We publish stories that are intellectually stimulating and sexually titillating.

Turn-ons include well-placed commas, devastating allusions, ten-dollar words, social commentary, moral ambiguity, alliteration.

We are in search of the fusion of our love of words and our love of a good fuck.

Because at Mofo Pubs we don’t suck, we fuck. Banging it hard every time.

The titles published by Mofo Pubs are of an adult nature and unsuitable for those under the age of eighteen. They are also inappropriate for adults with fragile sensibilities or who are easily scandalized.

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