Haunted Introduction


Haunt—to visit as a ghost, to visit often, to continually seek the company of, to have a disquieting or harmful effect. Haunted, the fourth literary erotica anthology from Mofo Pubs, contains twelve stories that examine each facet of what it means to be haunted.

Tales of ghosts, memory, obsession. Haunted explores the erotic charge of that which is persistently there. Lost lovers one cannot forget and lovers who refuse to be forgotten, even in death. Ghosts who crave a connection with living flesh. Passion that persists even after the moment has passed.

Our imprint’s mission is to be both sexually titillating and intellectually stimulating, and once again, our authors have embraced that mission. While the stories in Haunted are wholly new, between these pages you’ll find echoes of the ghosts of literary rebels such as Anaïs Nin, Henry Miller, D. H. Lawrence, and Pauline Réage. Like their predecessors, the authors in this anthology met the challenge of writing raw, passionate, sexually-charged prose while maintaining a high standard of literary excellence.

T. S. Eliot wrote of the cruelty of memory and desire. The pieces included in Haunted plumb the depths of not only the cruelty of that heady mixture but the carnality as well.

Megan Lewis

St. Paul, Minnesota

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