Mofo Pubs Presents Vol. 4

Haunted: A Literary Erotica Anthology

Haunted—a literary erotica anthology exploring the erotic charge of that which is persistently there. Tales of ghosts, memory, obsession.

Characters caught in the grip of the kind of desire that lingers, twisting the mind, invading waking thoughts, persisting in dreams. The echoes of forbidden love affairs long after the beloved is lost. The persistent bonds of intimacies forged by shared obsession.


  • Introduction
  • “All My Love Stories Are About You” Valerie Alexander
  • “Dear Eliza” Melina Greenport
  • “Bodies of Ghosts” T.C. Mill
  • “The Soulmates” Kit Nowell
  • “Garlic and Sapphires” Parker Marlo
  • “Too Frequent a Place” Erin Horáková
  • “The Sea Never Seemed to Be Blue” Zac Blue
  • “Things They Can’t Even Hope For” Rebecca Lynne Fullan
  • “Pinup Boys” Valerie Alexander
  • “Parallelos” Val Prozorova
  • “The Forest” Kristy Lin Billuni
  • “Your Ghost” Zac Blue
  • Author Bios


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