Literary Erotica Anthology: Hotel

image via João Lavinha


We are in search of erotic stories centered around the theme of hotel. How you execute this theme is up to you—a multitude of interpretations are possible. Five star resorts, seedy residencies, downtown high rises, hostels, roadside motels, boutique hotels, casinos, bed and breakfasts. Escorts, business travelers, professional gamblers, flight crews, strangers, newly weds, adulterers, old friends, co-workers, touring musicians, longterm lovers.

Stories involving travelers will dominate this anthology, but feel free to explore outside of those parameters. Expats living alongside tourists in transient lodgings. Eccentrics who make their homes in five star luxury. Those who utilize hotels in their own city for reasons of their own.

We want to see stories that explore what happens behind closed doors in these most impersonal of private spaces. Or, in the case of exhibitionists, in the public spaces of hotels as well. Genders and orientations are irrelevant. The sex needs to be raw, passionate, hot, and at the story’s centre. Four-letter words are neither required nor discouraged, although we have a preference for graphic lust conveyed through beautiful prose.

The hotels themselves hold the potential of being characters in their own right in the stories in this anthology. Give us real, hyperreal, sublime, unique. San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo, New York. Victorian England, middle of nowhere America, the far reaches of space. 

In that vein, no hard requirements in terms of secondary genres, although stories that have a basis in a world similar to our own are preferred. Traditional romance and horror are unlikely to be a good fit, although this theme lends itself well to a ghost story or two. 

Please read our general submission guidelines prior to submitting. We prefer the erotic to the pornographic and have an extreme prejudice for stories with a literary style—however, hot, passionate sex must be at each story’s core.

1,000-5,000 words, although we’ll consider pieces that fall outside those parameters on a case-by-case basis. Multiple and simultaneous submissions ok. No reprints.

If accepted, pay is 1 cent per word. The deadline for submissions is February 3, 2017.


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The titles published by Mofo Pubs are of an adult nature and unsuitable for those under the age of eighteen. They are also inappropriate for adults with fragile sensibilities or who are easily scandalized.

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