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The Cruelty of Eden

The Cruelty of Eden

An Erotic Short by Zac Blue


A “disorganised tourist” has an erotic encounter with a “not-quite-suicidal” Parisian.



March 2017 | ebook | 2,146 words
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Urgent Train Message: Immediate DeliveryUrgent Train Message: Immediate Delivery

An Erotic Short by Val Prozorova

Two gay men in Victorian England find a way to be intimate without interruption on a steam train headed from London to Dover Priory and, perhaps, beyond.



June 2017 | ebook | 4,756 words
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Zero GravityZero Gravity

An Erotic Short by Valerie Alexander

A young New Yorker finds the answer to her sexual restlessness in an underground “tom” hotel—where women impersonate men to fulfill the sexual fantasies of paying female customers.

June 2017 | ebook | 3,544 words
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