Submission Guidelines

Submit to our fifth literary erotica anthology, Apocalypse, by December 31, 2017.

Mofo Pubs is currently seeking sexually explicit erotica and erotic romance manuscripts that are over 25,000 words. We also periodically have themed submission calls for short story anthologies.

We have a strong preference for literary erotica, but are open to reading well-written erotic submissions that fall under the umbrella of other secondary genres.

We are unlikely to accept submissions that are not character-driven. We want vivid, three-dimensional characters. Stories featuring original, compelling premises and plots will be given preference over traditional romance tropes and clichés, although if you can tell a classic story with a unique twist we want to see it. (Porn tropes will be rejected unless they are used in service of the best satire ever.)

All pairings and orientations are welcome. We are also looking for novel spins on faery tales and well-known (public domain) literary characters.

Please do not submit stories that involve animals (unless mythological or extinct), characters under eighteen, copyrighted characters, incest, or rape. Dubious consent is a maybe, as is pseudo-incest, if done well. Like Lolita well—except the characters totally have to be over eighteen.

We’re looking for well-written works by writers with strong voices and the potential to publish multiple works. Write what turns you on. If your story doesn’t make you wet or hard, it’s probably not for us. Polished, professional manuscripts only. We want smart, sexy, well-written smut.

Please note that our use of words like ‘smut’ is somewhat tongue-in-cheek. We are not looking for ‘stroke stories,’ but erotica in the more classic sense of the genre.

To that end, we view the defining characteristic of erotica, as a genre, as that the story is about a character’s sexual journey. The development and movement that occurs centers around an erotic element. Other genres and themes can coexist or hold places of secondary importance, but for a story to be erotica it must evoke the erotic. It must arouse, if not everyone, the ideal reader for that story.

We define literary erotica as stories that move beyond that and do something more. That movement beyond is what puts the ‘literary’ in literary erotica. Characteristics of lit fic:

  • Language. Whether rich and varied or sparse and minimalist or something else entirely, in lit fic word choice matters and contributes to the narrative experience as a whole.
  • Style, like language, is an important and conscious choice in the literary story.
  • Character-driven, not plot-driven. (Note, however, this does not mean that lit fic lacks a plot.)

Literary fiction runs the gamut from the classic to the experimental. The promise of well-written lit fic is that it engages the mind through a novel use of language and form.

The promise of well-written literary erotica is that it engages the mind and the libido.

Mofo Pubs is an erotica imprint first and foremost. This means that we aren’t interested in literary stories that happen to contain sex, but rather sexually explicit stories written with the intent to seduce lit geeks. And the literary elements must, indeed, seduce—not distract from an erotic tale.

We want stories that are intellectually stimulating and sexually titillating.

We get off on well-placed commas, allusions, ten-dollar words, social commentary, moral ambiguity, alliteration. Stories that utilize familiar characters and worlds and dare to explore the forbidden themes and scenes that our favorite classics only hinted at.

We are in search of the fusion of our love of words and our love of a good fuck. Impress us.


Terms, Royalties, and Rates

50% of net sales to increase to 65% of net sales once a work’s sales surpass $4,000 USD (net). Seven year exclusive contract for digital and print rights from date of publication.



  • 12 pt Times New Roman
  • 0.3″ paragraph indent (no tabs)
  • 1.5 line spacing
  • justified
  • no spaces between paragraphs
  • DOCX (preferred), DOC, RTF, TXT, OTD


We are interested in working with self-motivated erotica writers who have the interest and ability to write multiple related titles and build a career.

Sex sells, but it doesn’t sell itself. If your story makes us wet, we will do our best to pimp your work, but writers who indicate in their cover letters that they have a clue about personal branding, self-promotion, engaging readers, and networking with other writers stand a greater chance of being accepted.


  • Simultaneous submissions ok.
  • Multiple submissions encouraged.
  • Reprints considered on a case-by-case basis.


Final Note

We are a small press owned by two women. Our acquiring editor is a feminist. The majority of our readers are women. We suggest taking a moment to consider what that means before submitting.

We don’t live in a post-feminist society, and we don’t expect submissions (particularly historical ones) to reflect a feminist utopia. That said, the majority of pornography—including an uncomfortable number of the submissions we reject—tends to be misogynistic.

So don’t send us stories meant to cater to the male gaze. If the boys reading them get off, that’s an added bonus, but heterosexual, lesbian, and bisexual submissions should be written with the female reader in mind.

Beyond that, we won’t spell out the dos and don’ts of “how not to write misogynistic erotica,” other than to say stories where women are objects, powerless, ‘asking for it,’ ‘bimbos,’ or ‘sluts’ will be rejected.

Actually, if you don’t consider yourself to be a feminist, just don’t submit.


Submission Procedures

Feminists may submit via Submittable here.


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