The Bluebird and the Devil

The Bluebird and the DevilThornfield: The Bluebird and the Devil

An Erotic Novelette by Zac Blue


Prior to the events of Jane Eyre, Grace Poole is drawn into the mystery surrounding her employer’s marriage as she becomes sexually entangled with both the dark, enigmatic Mr Rochester and his virgin wife in a multifaceted affair  that pushes the boundaries of consent.


September 2014 | ebook | 12K words
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Nineteen-year-old Grace Poole knows the unspoken rules of Victorian society.

It is the right of the nobility to act as their desires dictate, a luxury denied to those who serve them. Grace, however, refuses to be bound by her station; and from the moment she arrives at Thornfield Hall, the bisexual maid seduces footmen and maids alike even as she wonders when the elusive Mr Rochester will return home and demand from her that which all masters invariably do.

Bertha Rochester is the dark, voluptuous, and shockingly innocent mistress of Thornfield.

Under the orders of her absent husband, she is kept pampered and isolated in her third-floor rooms. The servants whisper about the young mistress who, despite her married status, remains a virgin.

The temptation of a virgin mistress is one which Grace cannot resist, yet love is an indulgence she can ill afford.

She attempts to master her feelings as she initiates Bertha into her world of wanton, dark desire. Unwilling to allow love to make her weak, Grace continues her seduction of the household’s servants, with no regard for Victorian propriety, as part of her plan to free both women from the tyranny of the absent master of Thornfield. Her scheme culminates in a decadent bisexual orgy where several of Thornfield’s male servants make a cuckold of the still-absent Mr Rochester.

The full ramifications of that night, however, will not be felt until Rochester returns to Thornfield.

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