Mofo Pubs Presents Vol. 2

Hotel: A Literary Erotica Anthology

Hotel. The very word conjures a sense of transience.

Hotel takes you into a world without permanence. Between these pages, lovers meet and lovers part. Elegant, sensual prose takes you from grand ballrooms with lavish appointments to shabby heaps where you pay by the hour.

Sneak a titillating glimpse behind closed doors, where whatever can happen just might. Indulge your inner voyeur and explore what happens in those most impersonal of private spaces—hotels.


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  • Introduction
  • “The Witching Place” Reiver Scott
  • “Zero Gravity” Valerie Alexander
  • “Before Any God That Counts” Zac Blue
  • “My Body Is a Haunted House” T.C. Mill
  • “Breathing Underwater” Sara Dobie Bauer
  • “At the Crossroads” J.S. Emuakpor
  • “Easter, 1992” Parker Marlo
  • “Grey Bar Motel” Arden Ellis
  • “Rolling the Die” Zac Blue
  • “Black Silk, Red Ribbon” Margot Sellers
  • “In the Long Nights of Our Never Enough” Christian Fennell
  • “Tricks of the Trade” Rhidian Brenig Jones
  • “Play Date” Rusty
  • Author Bios

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