The Mistress of Thornfield

Mistress KDPThornfield: The Mistress of Thornfield

An Erotic Novelette by Zac Blue

Prior to the events of Jane Eyre, Grace Poole is drawn into a psychosexual battle for dominance with the brooding Mr Rochester and his increasingly unstable wife.

November 2014

ebook | 12K words

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The nineteen-year-old maid knew the unspoken rules of Victorian society but broke them anyway, unleashing a dark curse upon Thornfield Hall. 

Rochester has fled, leaving Grace alone with her mad mistress and the consequences of their transgressions. Now the young maid must attempt to conquer the darkness that her flawed plan to cuckold her master has loosed upon Thornfield.

A dark sexuality has been awakened in the bisexual mistress of Thornfield.

Bertha Rochester has tasted temptation and wants more. Her innocence destroyed, the dark beauty has come into her own as mistress of Thornfield. Grace watches, helpless, as Bertha fills the household with strong, brutal men who are as willing to commit murder as participate in an orgy if their mistress demands it.

Grace’s only ally is an enigmatic gypsy with secrets of her own.

The voluptuous Madame Magenta appears at Thornfield with a dire warning, and Grace must decide if she can be trusted. The attraction between the two bisexual women, however, cannot be denied and distrust soon gives way to passion. The maid and the gypsy, both outcasts in Victorian society, devise a plan to save Thornfield and its tormented master from the growing madness of his estranged wife.

The depths of Mrs Rochester’s dark desires, however, will not become apparent until Grace stumbles upon her mistress’s darkest orgy yet.


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