Mofo Pubs Presents Vol. 1

Wanderlust: A Literary Erotica Anthology

Wanderlust—a strong longing for or an impulse toward wandering.

Twelve tales of those who cannot stay static—whether by choice, curse, or circumstance.

Travel around the world, through space, time, and between the sheets with a cast of dynamic, complex characters— men and women gripped by the impulse to wander, travel, explore.


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  • Introduction
  • “The Cruelty of Eden” Zac Blue
  • “Scheherazade” Arden Ellis
  • “Soft, Rough” T.C. Mill
  • “Red Earth” Alexis Quinton
  • “Aljanar Ruwa” J.S. Emuakpor
  • “Nighthawk” Arden Ellis
  • “Zephyr” Parker Marlo
  • “Slipping through the Splinters” Zac Blue
  • “American Leather” Jack Swift
  • “Colors” Terri Pray
  • “Urgent Train Message: Immediate Delivery” Val Prozorova
  • “Tawaif” Reiver Scott
  • Author Bios

The titles published by Mofo Pubs are of an adult nature and unsuitable for those under the age of eighteen. They are also inappropriate for adults with fragile sensibilities or who are easily scandalized.

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