Mugwump Press is the brainchild of Megan Lewis and Jem McBride, who are completely unqualified to run a publishing company but are sexier, smarter, and ballsier than you.

Megan is a neurotic know‑it‑all with an inordinate fondness for literature, pornography, and the mutated offspring of the two. Unlike most disgruntled writers who start indie presses, she founded Mugwump not for her love of writing but, rather, due to an erotic fixation with the semicolon and a deep-seated need to cause trouble. When not pimping writers, obstructing traffic, or writing fiction, Megan works as a freelance editor.

Jem was quietly content in a world of furry pocket pets, stethoscopes, and five-syllable words until Megan subverted her with the promise of shattered literary paradigms. She is the arrogant to Megan’s neurotic, the logical science to Megan’s creative eccentricity. And while she also has a fondness for semicolons, she’s not above getting it on with an exclamation point or a well-placed adverb. When not screwing up the themes on Mugwump’s website, Jem is licensed to do veterinary stuff. With animals.

Mugwump exists in order that writers can make money and so that Megan might spend as many hours as she pleases jerking off to The Chicago Manual of Style while Jem slices and dices dangling participles. You can read more about our philosophy here.

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